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Clinical Research Institute In Pune

We are giving the best solutions in the pharmacy industry through diploma in pharmacovigillance Education. We have dreamed of providing good value in the pharmacy industry. Our institute starts with zero but now we are a big name in pharmacy institutes.

If you are looking for an institute that can fulfil your dream by Education. But it can also make you a successful person in life if you are in the right spot. We prepare students for exams and give them Education about facing life challenges.We are the Clinical Research Institute In pune who works to build the student career.
First, we consider health most important a commercial thought comes later. EIPS can fulfill your requirement if you are searching for pharma skills. Still confused about who we are, we are a Best Clinical Research Institute In India, that gives the best Education in the pharmacy field in Pune.

Reason to choose EIPS 

We have the best professor to educate you. We not only focus on quality but quality. We have separate academic and practical rooms. Our institute offers the best pharmacovigilance training and clinical research training.We are the clinical research institute in pune,India
If you dream of entering the pharma industry, you can join EIPS. We provide the best training. You can assure of a job after joining our institute.
Health care is a growing field, and you don’t have to worry about your career if you are in the healthcare field. Because it has a secure future. The area is constantly growing. We offer the most promising courses in our institute.

Team of EIPS 

  • We are one of the Best Clinical Research Institute In India, 
  • We have a highly skilled and experienced team. 
  • Our team works hard to give you the best.
  • They are highly professional. 
  • They make the statement unity is strength true.
  •  They work together for the better. 
  • They are well trained and experienced in Clinical Trials.diploma in pharmacovigilance
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Elite Institute of Pharma Skills Office No. 211, 2nd Floor Laxmi Complex, Near Big Bazaar Off Old Pune Mumbai Highway Chinchwad, Pune-411019.